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Hello parents!

Is it possible that parents can actually get ill because they worry about their child’s future?

Wouldn’t it be so nice to grow old and just enjoy yourself without having to worry about your child’s future?


My Welcome Note

Hello to all the parents in the world!

My name is Rose Saratan. I am a Certified  Professional Life Coach, Parent and Child Relationship Coach, and a Transition Coach for mothers and fathers who struggle emotionally to live their lives AFTER the children have grown, left home and become independent.

I was a single mother for 34 years, and a corporate leader for 30 years.

I raised 3 daughters on my own, in a society where single motherhood was not accepted.

My daughters have now all married and left home, and this sudden change into being alone has brought not only awakenings and realizations but also loneliness and a deep longing in my heart.

I have felt the pain of emotional struggles, financial limitations, judgements, frustrations and disappointments more than a thousand times.

I know how it feels to be alone struggling to survive 3 children, and being alone once again, struggling to be by myself.

My experience as a single mom and corporate leader have taught me that having children who are self-reliant is a huge support to any parent, especially a working single mother. I have learned the value of life, and how living with a purpose and being happy by oneself can be just as meaningful.

I welcome you-mothers, single mothers and parents to share with me the success that I now enjoy.

Please join me in experiencing what it’s like to have time for yourself despite the many domestic chores and problems that need to be solved all in urgency, what it feels when your children are not self-defiant but cooperating, and how it is to be inspired to gain your own success once again, even at 60 years old.

I am here to help you . You can reach me 24/7 at or via skype: rtsaratan. I promise to get back to you within 48 hours.

See you soon in the corridors of happiness and serenity!

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