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How is perception related to a child’s behavior?

Perception is a conclusion of who we think we are and how our life is, as a result of thinking through the experiences we have. Perception is the key to attitudes, motivation and behavior…what we think determines what we see….ideas have no meaning except the meaning we give them…Dr. Wayne Dyer , in his book “You’ll See It When You Believe It” illustrates the power of belief in shaping human’s perceptions of reality.

How is this related to a child’s behavior? A good example would be like when you hear a child say, ” Why try? They won’t believe me anyway”- what do you think is the child’s perception of herself/himself here? What conditons have caused this frustration? What have brought about this belief?

Could it have been that over a period of time, Carol (the name we would give the child above) has repeatedly said something of concern to her parents but was always given the shrug off the shoulder? Repeatedly, she would walk away with frustrations over her concern, so much so that it comes to a point where she would just tell herself , “What for?! Why even mention it?! I would just get the same shrug off my parent’s shoulders!”

Every event in a child’s life is real to her/him.- even when she/he plays. Imagine what this would do to your own child if what was happening to her/him/her at that moment was actually of grave concern like if someone were threatening her/him, or she/he is being bullied in school, or she/he is being influenced by bad friends to do something that would be harmful to her/him. What decisions would she/he be making on her/his own if this were her/his perception?

Without perceptual change, the child will lack the motivation to use new skills and thus fail to change in any way.

How can perceptions be changed?

Lets discuss this in my next blog tomorrow….


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