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How can we change a child’s perception?

Children have to gain their own wisdom.This is something we cannot give to them

When we patiently explore the WHAT,WHEN and HOW in a climate of support, we can greatly help our children take meaning from their experiences. Jane Nelson,Ed.D and H.Stephen Glenn,PH.D vividly describes this process in their book,’Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World’.

What is a climate of support? A very good example would be,” Please let me understand what caused you to see things that way”. The tone of voice is an important factor in making our children see and feel that we sincerely and truly support their thoughts and feelings.

We have stressed the word ‘patiently’ because this one virtue is not so easy to achieve, especially if both parents are working .

How can we, as parents, have a balanced life so we can also have the patience to help our children explore their own experiences?


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