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It appears to me that with the struggles we all are facing everyday of our lives, our energies get so consumed that we unknowingly fail to see the greatness around us.

When was the last time you ever said THANK YOU to the higher power (whether you believe it’s the universe, God, Buddha,…)? Thank you for the sun and the moon and the stars. Thank you for our life, for our comfort, for having the abundance of a good and serene life, the abundance of good health, the abundance of friends and the love of our family.

Appreciation is one of the most important ways we can teach our child to form strong relations with others. Much of our human connection is about giving, receiving and repaying. For this reason, we need to remember to express gratitude even to the people who help us outside our family.

How do we practice gratitude? Persistence is key. At night, before bed, I sit with my grandaughter Claudia and we both say thank you for each of our family members, for our friends, for our home, for her toys, her new clothes and shoes and for being healthy. I believe it sets the right mood for sleep…

Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy, says Jaques Maritain.

What are the benefits of being grateful? In the book ‘Raising Happiness‘ by Christine Carter, Ph.D., she states, “Getting kids in the habit of practicing gratitude comes with all sorts of other bonuses besides less brattiness. Scientists have found that people who practice gratefulness are 1. Considerably more enthusiatic,interested, and determined. 2. Feel 25% happier. 3. Are more likely to be kind and helpful to others. 4. Sleep better.

Encouraging our child to look for a reason to feel grateful for unpleasant events or difficult relationships teaches growth and promotes change. This is what we term as ‘Looking for the silver lining in every bad situation.’

Sometimes we just need to slow down and smell the roses and enjoy the beauty of the mountains and tress and say thanks for the fragrance and the shade that they provide us on a warm, sunny day.

Thank you for taking the time to appreciate this post.


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