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Ways to equip kids for life

When I became a single mother, the first fear that entered my mind was what would happen to my daughters if anything should happen to me?! My mind went immediately to ‘urgent’ mode and i started planning ways on how I could actually equip my daughters.

Here are the different wasy we can help our children be prepared for self-reliance:

For Nursery School( Ages 1.5-3): Put dirty clothes in hamper, brush hair without any help, undress self, pick up toys. match socks, flush toilet without help, wash hands. For Pre-school ( ages 3-4): feed pets, sort recycling, fold towels, help shop and put away groceries,polish shoes, water plants with supervision). Kindergarten ( ages 5-6): choose appropriate dress and dress self, bathe self, pour own drink, put toys away consistently, make bed and clean room, take out garbage- For ages 6-9: Learn cooking ( but supervised), get up and go to bed by themselves, take simple phone messages, help others with work, shop with mom and select their own clothing,  change clothes, manage own study and homework times with supervision, set the table, rinse dishes, put food away after meals, keep room clean, help younger siblings get ready in the morning,fold laundry, understand emergency numbers.

Once we motivate our child to do these simple tasks, you will notice how your own life will start ‘easing’ up.

Keep going!


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