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The Olympics

I was watching the Olympics last week and marveled at how good all the athletes were. Thoughts were pouring into my mind- what gave them the motivation to keep improving? I am sure that there were days when they must have felt like giving up because training was getting very hard. What gave them that determination? What inspired them to keep going? What was going on internally in them?

Then, even bigger thoughts came- what did their parents do to them that gave them this big desire to do their best? How did their parents do it?

What did it take for the parents to support their child 100%?

When faced with the challenge of having financial limitations, it is not easy to choose between providing opportunities to maximize your child’s gifts and your everyday subsistence, especially if there are still other children to be fed.

However, providing this opportunity to our child gives her/ him the message that we believe in her/him and in her/ his ability to do her/his best. It tells her/him that we trust her/him in her/his decision and that we support that decision- whether it be a bronze,silver or gold medal, or even no medal at all!

For me, it is all about believing in my child, without any doubt, that she would be successful in her undertakings. Whether it is gold, silver or bronze, it would not matter. What would matter was how she felt about herself/himself and what the experience would bring to her/him that would support her/him in her/his life’s decisions.

When we give our children ‘ownership’ of their decsions, we  move them into becoming responsible adults.



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