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Today, I would like to share with you the story of one of my coachees. I shall name her Jay ( not her real name).

I have been coaching Jay now for a few sessions, as part of her curriculum in her coaching school. In all of our coaching sessions, Jay always spoke of her parents as the structure that has made her the woman that she is today.

Today, i can describe Jay as resilient, strong natured, not afraid to make decisions, caring, mindful, and loving. And, of course, intelligent.

This is how Jay describes her home life: ” My family is most important. We are closely knitted. We always have dinners together and we talk about how the day went and how it all felt”. She would often talk of how her father and mother guided her through life and  how they gave her inspiring wisdom as she was growing in age and maturity. She once said,” My dad’s wisdom is : “Everyone would be so much happier if people let go of the ‘should’s.” At another time, she said, when I was contemplating on quitting my job, my father said,” The day you feel that you cannot leave your job is the day you have to leave it.”

Most remarkable was when I asked her, ” what are the top 3 things you cherish and want to follow about your parent^s parenting style?” Her answers: 1. They treated us like we matterd- that we were partners and that we are building the family together. They made me feel important.2. They are very loving towards us. They never spanked or hurt us when we were kids. They respected us. They talked to us instead of scolding us. They never fought infront of us , but rather, showed affection towards each other. She goes on by describing her own feelings, ” to me, its a very peaceful feeling as a child. Its unsettling to see that my mom is at odds with my dad. It built my belief in goodness & love. Their modelling was good.”3. Their love was unconditional. They always made me feel that they loved me- no matter what.

So inspiring!!!! Here is a true-to-life creation of good parenting!

When you read through this, certain emotions would strike you. Words like `They respected us`, They made me feel important`, They treated us like we mattered`.

Imagine yourself being treated this way. Its a beautiful feeling, isn’t it?

How much would it cost you to give these to your children? And how much, do you think, will your children gain from these?

And, when your children have grown up, how would you like your own child to decsribe you?


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