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How I did it- without any struggle

Our children oftentimes become so engrossed with their activities that when we ask them to do something, it just does not seem important to them, and this is where the struggle begins.
I would like to tell you a wonderful experience I had with my five year-old grandaughter.
Usually, upon getting home from school, she would go straight to her room to play some more while I prepare lunch.
Just like any other child, she would get very busy with whatever she is doing and would oftentimes not wish to be disturbed.
Before she entered her room, I sat her down on my lap, looked her in the eye and said, ” Lunch is at 12:30 o’clock”. I showed her my watch. ” When this big hand goes to ‘6’, that means it is 12:30. Right now, it is only 12:00, which means that you have 30 minutes to play. And 30 minutes is a long time to play. Would it be alright if I call you five minutes before 12:30 so you can be prepared for lunch?” I looked at her to make sure hat she was paying attention and asked her if she understood. Then she said yes.
When I tell her that it is time, she would go the table without me having to drag her out of her room. Our lunch times were smooth and story telling times.
I tried this for many other situations like asking her to get dressed at a particular time. And it always worked everytime.
When we take the time to be calm and respectable of our children, we are able to prevent the struggles and the arguments, the shoutings and most of all, the stress.
Try this- it works!


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