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About Me

My name is Rose Saratan-Robles. I am also identified as Rose Saratan only. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and a Parent and Child Relationshp Coach. I help mothers and parents to raise a self-reliant child through effective parenting skills.

Why did I choose this niche?

I realized the value and importance of having independent and responsible children when I became a single mother at a very young age,  in a culture which looked unkindly on single mothers at that time.

Not having any friends, career and financial support from anyone,  I was challenged to  survive life with three very young children, provide for  myself and my children, educate them and ensure that society accepted and respected their circumstance.

My being alone brought about a strong yearning to give the best education to my children, consistent progress in our lives, integrity, respect and dignity in each of our person. The pain brought out the courage in me to bring out the gifts in each of my children.

These were indeed very big challenges for me- I did not know where to begin, how to begin and what to do. It was clear to me that the responsibility of raising my children were soley mine and that I had no one to depend on but myself.

Single parenthood obligated me to earn a living. And despite my income, money was most often scarce and resources very little.

If I were to compare single parenthood to a knife, I can only describe it as the blades constantly being sharpened with every tear and pain, frustration and desperation that I underwent.

Oh…..I can never forget the piercing pain on my chest everytime one of my daughters wanted something ( which was always within reason) and I did not have the resources to provide for more. I can never forget the pain of seeing my children with so little compared to their friends and classmates. I can never forget the struggles, and their tears of sadness and want and frustration…i can never forget the pain…i cried so many times…so many, many times…..

“All for my children”- no matter what, no matter the cost…. Nothing mattered in my mind. My children’s future was going to be my own future. Their success would be my success and their failures would be my failures…..soon the struggles would end, I thought, and their own struggles would be tears of joy and comfort and happiness.

The success of my children’s journey to the unknown and difficult path is a story all worth repeating. I applaude my children to this day for all their virtues and the strength and courage they took, with only faith in God and themselves to rely on. I was merely a ‘guardian’ guiding them.

There are not enough words to describe how brave and determined all my children were. They  saw the future with so much hope and positivism! Their drive for the best was inherently their gift and to this day, they use this gift to help others.

I continue to tell the world of how the courage and tenacity of my children inspire me to be strong myself despite life’s challenges. I have come to the one realization that my very gift from God are actually my own children and at the time of so much pain and desperation, my greatest resources were actually my children’s talents, gifts and inner strengths.

I now see and  believe that life gives us teachings to learn from and that we are blessed with the tools  to help us- it is our job to look for these tools within us and around us.

Today my children are all married and have their own families…I have four beautiful grandchildren that I am equally so proud of…I see my children in them.

I can now share my second niche: How to handle aloneness when all the children have become independent and left home. Its not just about getting old- its about getting old gracefully and  continuing to give our own lîfe more meaning; its about living the last days with a purpose and continuing conviction that we are all blessed and we are given the responsibility of sharing the gifts bestowed upon us.

Life can continue to be great- allow me to help you discover this!

I’ve been there and I’m getting there, again, with the love of my children and grandchildren, with trust in my heart and faith that all things work for our best.

In loving partnership!


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